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Jintropin can be defined as a recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH). According to clinical research, rhGHs are developed using DNA tech to imitate natural human growth hormone (HGH) [1]. Natural HGH influences body composition and metabolism, and it is a peptide with 191 amino acids which is made in the pituitary gland [1].

As a supplement, Jintropin could benefit users. According to clinical research on rhGHs, synthetic HGHs can improve the immune system [1], speed healing [1], and help muscle development via the initiation of protein synthesis in muscles [1]. Additionally, Jintropin was found to reduce age-related infertility risk in a research study on nonhuman subjects [2]. However, as no independent clinical studies have been conducted to investigate the product’s suitability for fitness purposes, more research needs to done on this product.

Jintropin HGH is manufactured by GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Ltd. [3]. According to user reviews, it is a high quality product [3].

Potential Benefits of Jintropin

  • Could initiate muscle development [1]
  • Could reduce post-injury recovery time [1]
  • Could improve performance [1]
  • Powerful

How to Use Jintropin

Jintropin must be injected subcutaneously. The unique characteristics of users such as individual preferences, health, and weight could impact how this HGH is used. There are steps that you can take to use this product safely such as asking a medical professional if you need a synthetic HGH, learning how to inject the product, consulting a healthcare worker about your preferred dosage, and not exceeding the recommended dosage.

Known Dosage

The recommended dosage for Jintropin is I-2 IU per day. If you are a new user, you can start with a lower dosage of 0.5 IU per day. You should monitor the product’s impact on the body, and if necessary increase the dose in increments of 0.5 IU each month. However, keep in mind that clinical research indicates that having high HGH levels in the body for a long period of time can be a health hazard [4], so this product is not recommended for long-term use.

Potential Results

Potential results for Jintropin users involve boosts in healing, muscle development, and performance. Lifestyle, diet, physical activity, and health are user-specific factors that could impact results.


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Disclaimer: This information is provided as a courtesy and is not meant to constitute medical advice. Please consult a healthcare provider before using this product.