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Norditropin is a brand of synthetic human growth hormone (HGH). Natural HGH is a peptide with 191 amino acids that is generated by the pituitary gland to play a key role in the body composition and metabolism of humans [1]. Synthetic HGHs, such as Norditropin, are described as recombinant human growth hormones (rhGHs) and are produced via recombinant DNA tech [1]. 

Now, clinical research indicates that rhGHs can have a positive impact on muscle development by triggering the synthesis of muscle proteins [1], improve the healing of injuries [1], and strengthen the immune system [1]. As there have been no independent clinical studies conducted on Norditropin for fitness purposes, these effects can only be considered as potential benefits.  

Among synthetic HGHs, Norditropin is considered a high quality product from a known manufacturer, Novo Nordisk Inc. [2, 3]. It has been approved in the US by the FDA since 1995 [3] and contains the exact sequence of amino acids that is found in natural HGH [2].  

Potential Benefits of Norditropin

  • Could promote muscle development [1]
  • Could reduce post-training recovery time [1]
  • Could improve performance [1]

How to Use Norditropin

This product is not orally bioavailable and needs to be injected. User characteristics such as weight and health can impact how the product is used. Checking your preferred dosage with a medical professional, getting a medical professional’s feedback on whether you need a synthetic HGH, learning how to properly inject the product, and sticking to the recommended dosage are savvy tips that can help you to use Norditropin safely. 

Known Dosage

The recommended dosage for Norditropin is I-2 IU per day. If you are a new user, it is recommended that you start with the lower dosage of 0.5 IU per day. You can slowly increase your intake in monthly increments of 0.5 IU if necessary after monitoring the product’s effects on your body.

Potential Results

In a nutshell, potential results include improvements in muscle growth, healing, and performance. However, the unique characteristics of users such as weight, health, and physical activity can impact results.  


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Disclaimer: This information is provided as a courtesy and is not meant to constitute medical advice. Please consult a healthcare provider before using this product.